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Every adventure starts with a passport and a packed suitcase.

Guidelines to Improving your Travel Writing

And the adventure begins

1. Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite. This applies to anything you are writing.  Tightening up your work makes it easier and more understandable for your reader. When you have completed the final draft, read it out loud or to others.  This will ensure that it's believability and flow.

2. Get the word "I" out of your writing. This form of writing tends to be too personal and can weaken the story. You want to help your readers envision themselves there instead of reliving your journey.

3. Pay attention to transition, parallel construction and spelling. Go through the work and make sure at the beginning of each paragraph there is a word that helps transition from the paragraph before.

These simple fixes can make a big impact on your articles and might even get them looked at by editors. 

I've been to 26 countries around the world, made stops in countless villages, towns and cities along the way. I have thousands of pictures, journal entries and souvenirs to prove it. But I also have thousands of priceless memories and stories to tell. I am looking forward to traveling, exploring and discover more unknown places. 
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