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Customer Testimonials

" Your "About Me" on Freelanced.com is fantastic. One of the few "bios" that I wanted to keep reading. Clearly, you're awesome."
-Alex Koyich, Primerica, Distribution
"I am totally convinced you have what it takes to write weird off the wall shit, and people will love it!"

-Scott Beardmore, Video Marketer, Creative Director & Video Producer for Red Wagon Video Solutions

"Donna is crazy talented."

-Ashley Gordon, Professional Photographer

"Wow. Donna is impressive. She really knows how to make words flow tremendously, touched my spirit and captured my voice."

- Alyson Hickey, Professional Photographer


"I'm sure we drove Donna crazy with all the edits, changes and tight deadlines...but she rocked."

- JB Owen, Megapreneur, Quintessence & Lotus


"Donna has outstanding work ethic and talent. I was very impressed with the whole process of working with her."

- Helen H. Wu, Illustrator/Founded & President, Helen H. Wu Company

Recommendation Letter


Redy and Bluey: Nursery Rhymes

To whom this may concern,

I am writing on behalf of Donna Cederstrand regarding her outstanding work ethic, talent and positive contributions to the project. Donna was one of the first applicants that submitted a rough draft of a rhyme from a picture illustrated by Helen H. Wu. We were very impressed and liked her submission immensely. During the process of submission, selection, editing and printing, I got to understand Donna’s quality of work and can thoroughly vouch for her abilities.

Donna was a pleasure to work with because her pleasant and positive attitude made her work appear fun and interesting. She always took the initiative to make sure her work was done exceptionally well. She also seemed quite thorough and prepared, showing a love of the art and determined to spread her passion for writing.

Donna also accepted positive criticism in an out-going and friendly way; she seemed to have an open-mind and the confidence to tackle challenges. She has relentless motivation and I would definitely work on another project with her in the future.


David Jackson