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August 2019! 

Fata Morgana: A Mirage of Poetry 

A poetry collection found and told. A teenager's words with an adult perspective. It's a reflection on what was had and lost-what was gained and conjured.

 Winter 2019! 

More Than Matches: Igniting a Fire with Words

Everything you need to know about writing including 100's of prompts to get you started.

Stay tuned for release date.

 Spring 2020! 

The highly anticipated release of

Every Adventure Starts with a Passport and a Packed Suitcase-An Overpackers Guide to Travel

Date to be announced soon... so stay tuned.

Summer 2019! 

Want to know the ins and out of a secret society? 

The Cats Out of the Bag: Mystery Shopping E-book coming soon.

And the cat will be let out of the bag...