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" Your "About Me" on is fantastic. One of the few "bios" that I wanted to keep reading. Clearly, you're awesome."

 -Alex Koyich, Primerica, Distribution

Taglines & Newsletters

Press Release for Nerium International


NeriumAD will be hitting British Columbia and Ontario by storm with opportunities to become a Brand Partner

BRITISH COLUMBIA & ONTARIO-APRIL 18, 2014-Nerium International is ready to hit Canada with its’ newest line of beauty products that have been proven to reduce wrinkles. In clinical studies, the product has diminished the appearance of fine line and wrinkles in over 93% of the participants. And it’s not just the product that is being buzzed about; Nerium International is also looking for entrepreneurs to join the youngest company to ever make the Global 100 List from Direct Sales News. (Direct Sales News also award Nerium International with the Bravo Award for Growth).

Nerium International has a track record that screams success. When they launched in the United States, it became one of the most successful product launches in history, with sales over $1 million in just one year. And Nerium International suspects that their new product, NeriumAD Age Defying Treatment, will have similar effects and wide spread popularity. NeriumAD contains many high-impact ingredients, but only one is exclusive; a patent NAE-8 extract that has powerful antioxidant properties that can reduce many signs of aging.

“I was searching for a more youthful look without resorting to expensive options or unhealthy products, but age was starting to show its signs right between my eyes. I've been a hairstylist for 20 years and have been introduced to the highest quality products, but none of them delivered the results that NeriumAD has for my skin. I've never been more satisfied. My results are better than I even expected. Thank you, NeriumAD!” - Onea V.

Nerium International came across a unique discovery while testing the Nerium Oleander plant. Their studies showed that Nerium Oleander had remarkable age-defying properties when it was applied to the skin. Since their launch in 2011, Nerium International has been surpassing all its growth projections. And with this growth comes opportunities for individuals wanting to own their own business, be in control of their lives and help others. Nerium International is looking to add Brand Partners to its’ staggering list in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands and American Samoa…and now Canada.

“Our passion is to create a business that allows people to live their lives to the fullest, develop as leaders, build lasting relationships, and have fun, while building a solid business for themselves and their families." -Jeff Olson Founder & CEO

ABOUT THE PEOPLE BEHIND NERIUM INTERNATIONAL-Founder and CEO, Jeff Olson is known in the industry for his success and leadership. He has been a top distributor with several companies and helped them build multi-million dollar sales teams. Amber Olson Rourke, Co-founder & VP of Marketing and Culture, who has managed many national brands at advertising agencies; Renee Olson, Co-founder.

Nerium International social media fan base grew at a rate of 35.2% over a period analyzed, which was higher than the SkinCare sector average and some of the leading skin care brands.

Restaurant Review for Shiro's Sushi

Setting the Bar for Others to Aspire to

Shiro’s Sushi takes Pride in using ONLY the Best Local and Seasonal Seafood and Produce

For over 20 years, Master sushi chef, Shiro Kashiba trained his team in the classical Japanese techniques. Shiro’s Sushi has combined these techniques with local seafood from Washington and Oregon like salmon, oysters, clams and…Pacific albacore tuna. Freshness is taken seriously at Shiro’s Sushi and it is evident when sampling an Omakase. An Omakase is a combination of items personally selected by a chef for patrons to savour and enjoy. Each Omakase served is different from the next. Maybe you’ll get a nibble of king crab from Alaska or wild prawns from Canada. And you will always find sashimi and nigiri on the menu. Don’t forget to wash it all down with sake; 12 different varieties are available.

If you want to get away from the glaring lights of the sushi bar, take a seat at a simple-clad table that is covered in black elegance. It may appear casual at first but the yellow lighting fixtures bring authenticity; resembling rice paper lanterns. To add to the allure, try a delicacy like a half dozen fresh oysters on the half shell. Or stick with classics like California rolls or shrimp tempura rolls. The menu choices are excellent for sharing, like the mouth-watering Dragon roll (broiled unagi over a California roll). Shiro Kashiba even has a signature roll; it is a wrap of soy paper filled with crab, spicy mayo and cucumber.

Make your reservation early so that you are not lined-up outside waiting for your chance to sit at the sushi bar; an excellent spot to watch an accomplished chef create a favourite dish like a spider roll or the salmon special. Don’t leave without trying a decedent dessert-tempera ice cream. Shiro’s Sushi has endless possibilities that not only appease your palate but impeccable chef’s that prepare your favourites, 7 days a week.

Real Estate Sales Letter-Private Home Sale

Do you dream of living near the lake? Having the opportunity to walk to Kelowna’s downtown within minutes? How about hiking or biking at Knox Mountain Park?

A charming home in the North End fits the bill.

Dear potential homeowner,

Becoming a homeowner can be a daunting experience but not if the home is just right. {Address} offers a cozy fireplace to enjoy during the chilly winter months, a stunning custom kitchen for the chef in you, and all new windows and doors for energy efficiency. But that’s not all this 960 square foot stunner has to offer!

  • New roof with 25 year warranty on materials
  • Original hardwood flooring in living area and master bedroom
  • Kitchen includes four-piece stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, marble backsplash, ceramic basin sink, glass-front cabinets, and tiled flooring
  • Updated bathroom with marble accents and tiled flooring
  • Little details such as 6” baseboards, window casings and door trim, French doors at the rear of the house, custom front entrance door, unique lighting throughout
  • Other appliances include a heavy-duty front-load washer and dryer set
  • Attic recently re-insulated
  • And so much more…

Just envision yourself attending concerts or hockey games at Prospera Place, dining at restaurants like The Old Train Station Pub and Waterfront Wines…how about taking advantage of the beach during hot summer days, or the park and playground if you have a young child. And we can’t forget about the hiking trails and tennis courts at Knox Mountain Park. Whether you are outdoor enthusiasts, wine connoisseurs a small family or retirees, this home has the competition beat thanks to its’ amazing location.

14 Reasons Why Kelowna is a Great Place to Live, Invest in, and Buy Real Estate.

For only $460,000, you can own a piece of property in a coveted neighborhood. Homes in the area sell fast because everyone wants to be close to the action. With cultural activities, the library and easy access to the highway, living here is a dream. From the North End you can access the entire city within a 320-minute drive or less in any direction.

But don’t just take my word for it…

Call today to schedule an appointment to view. You won’t be disappointed.

{Telephone Number}

And to sweet the deal! This home is RU6 zoned with carriage house plans already drawn-up.

Restaurant Sales Letter for Bohemian Cafe, Kelowna, BC

Let’s sip Mocha Lattes at the most SOUGHT-AFTER breakfast spot in town

Where the eggs are free-range and the sausages are home-made

And the apples traveled less than an hour to get freshly squeezed

Dear Trailblazer,

Do you have an appetite for healthy eating? Do you like to be “seen”? Well, this breakfast haven will give you the best of both worlds. A trendsetter like you will love to nibble on the organically grown and gluten-free menu options, like the fresh fruit and granola. Because this is such a happening spot, the wait for a table means an occasional line-up stretching out the door and spilling into the streets. But no one seems to mind as the wait is short and conversations start suddenly about … ``I can`t think of a better breakfast place in Kelowna.`` -James, Calgary

And it’s not just the amazing mimosa’s (champagne and orange juice) served fresh with your omelette or Bohemian Benny that keeps people coming back to this locale … Wooden ceilings with exposed pipes and tubing add to an industrial feel that is mixed with art deco pieces, posters of movie stars (some signed) and antiques. Mix-matched table and chairs fill the space that is wrapped in pressed tin wainscoting and enveloped in warm rich red tones.

And how about the chef’s daily creation?

Each day, the chef creates something special and unique with a touch of flair … just for someone like you. And you can find it hand-written on the blackboard along with other delicious and tempting options such as Huevos Rancheros (scrambled eggs with refried beans, vegetarian chili, tortilla chips and cheese. Served with house-made guacamole, fresh-cut salsa, and sour cream) or Blueberry Oatmeal Pancakes (topped with icing sugar and warm blueberries) drizzled with REAL maple syrup.

``I have loved this place ever since my first visit and crave it all of the time. I feel like a bit of a Hipster when I dine here: the servers wear everyday clothes and the walls are covered in old movie posters and randomly collected items, but the atmosphere is warm and fun! The loose leaf tea is great; the eggs benedict is one of the best in Kelowna. But THE BEST, most filling dish is the Huevos Rancheros! Sure to satisfy any appetite…and, now I`m starving. `` -da-hockey-chick, Kelowna

If the food doesn’t keep you coming back for more, the décor and ambiance will tickle your fancy.

Your heels will click on the hardwood floors as we make our way to the best seat in the house. At the front of the restaurant, the wall of windows slides up like garage doors and opens onto the sidewalk so that you can feel the morning breezes, people watch …

And stand-out while enjoying what “The Boh” has to offer

But if that isn’t enough to get you motivated for breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning, keep in mind that The Bohemian Café has been awarded “Best light and Healthy Food” by the Okanagan Life Magazine and was a finalist for “Best Vegetarian Deli/Coffee Shop.” Kelowna’s CKOV radio station also named it the place to get the “Best Sandwich” three years in a row.

Join me this Sunday 9 am! Remember, SUNDAY IS THE ONLY DAY BREAKFAST IS SERVED. Don`t hesitate…call me right now to confirm 250-861-7013. The reservation has been made and don’t worry about the bill … it’s on me. I hope you are as excited as I am to enjoy a healthy start to our day surrounded by the charm of this sweet spot.


{Business Owner Name}

P.S. Upon our arrival, I will have them personally make you a Chai Baba Tea or a Locally Roasted Coffee. Don`t forget to dress your best and be ready to tantalize your taste buds at 9 am.

Personal Bio and Presentation Summary for Quintessence Summit

Joy {Last Name] Momentum Coach

Intentional Momentum to Fulfill Your Vision

Joy [Last Name] strives for a well-balanced, active and fun life while helping business-owners skyrocket client attraction, personal development and business growth. She also aspires to influence women to greatness just as her mother inspired her to challenge herself. But one thing that keeps Joy grounded is her mother’s words of staying true to oneself-no matter what.

She is a heart-centered entrepreneur who believes in going with the flow and leaving some mystery in life. Through hard work, intensive schooling and years of determination, Joy has discovered the secret that triggers great change for business owners. This one change gets results! Joy blends her intuition with practical methods to achieve inner peace and has the ability to teach these methods to others in mindfulness training programs.

Because Joy has been passionate about her goals of personal development using meditation, she has been able to live a peaceful, purposeful and rewarding life. She follows her own advice of stepping bravely into the future, embracing your journey and releasing fears and guilt of past mistakes. She is compassionate to others and herself, truthful, practical and focused.

Her background is diverse including a graduate degree in psychology, a business degree and professional certifications for coaching, health & wellness, meditation and energy medicine.

Education & Awards

  • BS - Psychology & Business, University of Phoenix
  • MS - Educational Psychology, Capella University
  • ICF Certified Coach - CTA and Wellness Inventory
  • Certified Mindfulness Instructor - Mindfulness Exercises
  • Advanced Intuitive Awareness Training - Mindfulness Exercises
  • Board Member, BABES in Business Canada
  • Usui Reiki Master (Level 1, 2, 3 and Master)
  • Certified Natural Fitness Trainer
  • Healing Body Systems Certified Training
  • Member, American Tarot Association


Unlock your Inner Emotional Code

Master your Momentum and Attain Radical Success!

Identify your Emotional Code, tap into it whenever you want and apply it to your life immediately. Plus, learn Joy's #1 tool that helps her clients eliminate stress, negative thoughts, and difficult emotions in less than 2 minutes.

  • Once you unlock your unique Inner Emotional Code you will have people lining up to support your vision.
  • Not only will you easily and immediately attract the people and resources you need, you will feel energized and fully aligned with your purpose and passion.

Presentation Outline

  1. The Emotional Code. Learn how our mind and body is communicating with the world and why this impacts our level of happiness, well-being, and success.
  2. Understand the energy centres of the body and how each of these frequencies is directly impacting what you give out and receive back from the world.
  3. Identify the unique relationship is governed by each of our energy centres.
  4. Learn how our mind and body are work together to create our reality (Pre-Programmed Emotional Loop).
  5. Emotional Code Decision Map. Receive a tangible takeaway that will help you identify your code, give you instant clarity and help you with decision making today!

Product Review

Expresso Spin Bikes-Brand Review

Interactive Fitness

522 Mercury Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

888-528-8589 ext 2

Interactive Fitness is a leading company that provides its clients with products and services that combine virtual-reality, social connection with like-minded fitness enthusiasts and personalization to administer a cardio encounter unlike any other fitness company can offer. They believe that exercise should be exciting and rewarding instead of bland; that it should engage people while fitness training instead of distracting them. Interactive Fitness has also helped others visualize and connect with people in a shared wellness experience rather than secluding them. They use the power of technology to transform lives and have been creating healthier and happier clients since November 2009.

Expresso Spin Bikes are trendy, up-and-coming and the product line is designed for those that seek a unique cardio workout. They are not your average piece of equipment that is found at most gyms. They will not be the kind of fitness equipment that you tuck away in your closet or under your bed after a few months usage. These pieces of equipment are not only cool and fun, but a savvy operator will immediately see the value and connect with the experience. What we like about Expresso Spin Bikes:

  • Plenty of engagement like 43 different tours, group rides and challenges
  • Comes with a 3 year parts, labour and computer warranty
  • Large 23” HD display screen brings your workouts to life
  • Motion control handlebars that steer and shift just like an outdoor bike
  • Has Active Resistance in the pedals to intensify the workout whether you are climbing or descending
  • All progress can be tracked online by signing in at and accessing My Expresso

Users of the Expresso Spin Bike love the virtual tours as it takes the dread out of a spin class and puts you into a more challenging and off-beat setting. Because of internet connectivity, users are able to see race results and share the experience with others. It’s been compared to riding a bike on the streets except for the wind in your hair and the sun in your face.

However, a drawback with the Expresso Spin Bike is that the cost is fairly high, approximately $7000 plus installation fees. And the bike is meant more for in-shape users as the courses are strenuous and challenging. This can be a turn-off for the average user so trying it at your local gym is recommended before purchasing. Some other downsides include:

  • Built for bicycle enthusiasts
  • Since it is used indoors, users are missing out on the value of outdoor cycling
  • “Basic” routes can be uncomfortable for the average user

If you love a good cardio challenge and are interested in cardiovascular health, this is the equipment for you. If you are bored using stationary treadmills, bikes and elliptical equipment, the Expresso Bike can change all that by providing an interactive and video game-like workout. A built-in television and music channels can chase away the workout blues and challenge you to new heights with competitive riding courses. Expresso Bikes can be found at gyms located in your area or purchased through Interactive Fitness.