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Currently working on the following true-crime project:
In 1957, Russell Carpenter, 21 years old, assisted in the shooting deaths of three people at Jo-Del Restaurant in Washington, D.C. His sick-kick was Henry Overton, a man who was well-known to police and had already spent time in prison for violent crimes. 
The pair of fugitives avoided capture for over a week by car-jacking and kidnapping several individuals across the United States. Russell Carpenter was captured in Miami, Florida and was sentenced to 15 years in prison, including Lewisburg Penitentiary and Alcatraz. His accomplice died in a high-speed chase with police, and therefore was never tried for his crimes. 
Russell Carpenter never adjusted well to prison life. His mind was always on freedom and the lovely Doris, his first kidnap victim. At every turn, Russell attempts to escape the prison walls. But forces beyond him are at work and his chance never comes.
So what happened after his release? The truth will shock you! Stay tuned for book release dates 2017 where all the juicy details of the events and prison life will keep you on your toes!

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